Here you can find how to access our Open Data APIs and how to register with Open Banking to access our Read-Write APIs

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Open Data or Read-Write Access?

Three of our Open Banking APIs are available to everyone without registration as this is Open Data.

  • Cashpoint® locator
  • Branch locator
  • Our products

In order to use our Read-Write APIs, you will need to register and depending on permissions you will be able to access:

  • Account Information
  • Domestic Payments
  • Variable Recurring Payments
  • International Payments
  • Business Banking Bulk and Batch Payments
  • Confirmation of Funds
  • Event Notifications

Check our catalogue for APIs you want to integrate in your app.


Are you registered with the Open Banking directory?

To access our read-write Open Banking APIs, your company needs to be registered with the Open Banking directory


Do you need Sandbox or Production access?

Build and test your app in our Sandbox environment. There are two types of registration: Sandbox and Production. If you are new to Open Banking then you can start with Sandbox access as this will give you read/write access to the Sandbox versions of our Read-Write APIs. When you register with the Open Banking directory, the Sandbox access is free.

In order to use our live APIs, you will need to be registered in the Open Banking directory for production access and this type of access will require approval from the FCA or an equivalent regulator.


Register Your Application

After successfully registering with the Open Banking directory, you will need to create your first application.

Registering your application with us will generate the security credentials needed to access the API data.


Subscription To An API

As part of the onboarding/registration, you will be automatically subscribed to the appropriate APIs for use as per the roles.


Technical Implementation Guide

For supporting information and details on Lloyds Banking Group APIs including testing, View our Technical Implementation Guide in our support section.


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