Guide to using Lloyds Banking Group APIs

This guide provides a technical overview of how to use our APIs. It is intended to help programmers integrate APIs correctly so that data can be retrieved in your application.

Detailed information is included about:

  • Registering an application
  • The end-to-end process of calling an API
  • Data specifications for each API plan
  • Template specification for submission of a bulk or batch file payment
Guide to using Lloyds Banking Group APIs

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How to Register using DCR

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Bulk File Template Specification (.csv)



Batch File Template Specification (.csv)



Proprietary Bank Transaction Codes

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LBG Standard Error Scenarios

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Contact and support

Use the form below to submit a general query or raise a tech support request relating to:

  • API performance/content
  • Service availability
  • Planned system outages

Email the completed form to Use the subject line to categorise your issue as Medium, High or Critical.

We can respond to any critical incidents you tell us about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have any other queries, such as: third party provider registration, app subscriptions or other technical queries, we’ll be able respond from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, except public holidays.

Technical issue form

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How should I use the Open Banking Model Bank

The OBIE has set up a ‘Developer Zone’ for TPP developers. This contains the Open Banking API specifications and Data Standards required to build your own applications. You should use these as the standards against which you should develop your applications.

The OBIE Developer Zone can found here.

Do you have a Sandbox environment for me to do my development against?

We do not currently support a Sandbox environment. The OBIE has built a Sandbox environment (Model Bank) to enable developers to prototype solutions against its specifications.

We strongly recommend that you develop and test your application using this environment as you are likely to be asked to show successful requests/responses as part of troubleshooting any issues you are facing. You can find the link to the OBIE’s Sandbox page here.

How do I register an application?

Log in with your Open Banking credentials and click on ‘Applications’ in the main menu. Then click on 'Register an application'. Once you have provided an application name, redirect url and SSA from the App that you have registered in Open Banking Directory, you will be shown your application client ID and client secret. You must supply these when you call an API that requires you to identify your application.

Make a note of your client secret because it is only displayed once.

Which OIDC flows are you supporting?

We are supporting OIDC hybrid flow with the response type code ID token and code. We have also exposed our discovery endpoint with Open Banking, which has all the necessary information for our OIDC. This information can be found on the Open Banking Directory here.

When should I come to LBG to deal with development issues and when should I go to Open Banking Ltd?

As a first port of call, you should refer to the OBIE’s Developer Zone. If you have fulfilled all of the requirements documented there, and you would like to raise an issue with us directly, please use the Issue form in the Support section of our Developer Portal.

You may well be asked for successful request / response calls that have been made against Open Banking Model Bank to assist in troubleshooting.

Do you have a set of known issues that you can share with us?

We will communicate known issues to you via email.

Lloyds Banking Group Sandbox

The Sandbox is designed to replicate the LBG production environment. It provides a safe, controlled environment for registered TPPs to develop and test APIs.

Before you start we recommend users download and familiarise themselves with the Sandbox Developer Guide on this page.

First time users

Register with Open Banking Sandbox Directory.

App set up

Register your Applications in the LBG Sandbox.

View API Endpoints

Understand our API specification.

Lloyds Banking Group Sandbox Developers Guide

This guide provides a technical overview of how to use the LBG Sandbox.

PDF, 448 KB


Screen Scraping Plus

This guide provides an overview of how to use our Screen Scraping
Plus interface. It is intended to help TPPs carry out connectivity
testing of the interface.

High level information is included about:

  • What is Screen Scraping Plus?
  • Websites on which Screen Scraping is enabled
  • How to enrol with Open Banking OBIE Directory
Lloyds Banking Group Screen Scraping Plus Developers Guide

This guide provides a technical overview of how to use the LBG Screen Scraping Plus.